Syrian Army Martyrs Laid to Rest

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Deep grief and sadness engulfed the Syrians over the killing of nine Syrian Arab Army Soldiers, two of them high-ranking Officers, and the injury of dozens, at the criminal hands of a group of terrorists and thugs yesterday in an ambush on Lattakia-Tartous highway at Banias Coastal City. ‏

The bereaved Syrians buried on Monday April the 11th 2011 their Martyrs but with a stronger determination to defend the Homeland and renew allegiance to the process of reform and modernization masterminded and led by president Bashar al-Assad since 2000. ‏

Lieutenant Colonel Wahib Issa was laid to rest in his hometown `Hamam Al-Qarahila`, Jabla Region, about 350 kilometers from Damascus, and Lieutenant Colonel Yasser Qashour was laid to rest in his village, `Beit al-Marj`, Qaddmous Region, about 250 kilometers from Damascus. ‏

The other 7 Syrian Martyrs were also laid to rest in different parts of Syria`s Governorates. The mourners chanted slogans of amity, respect and allegiance to Syria, President al-Assad, and to the blood of their martyrs in the face of every conspiracy and scheme hatched against Syria, pledging ever loyalty and determination to stand steadfast against the terrorists who target Syria`s stability, harmony and resistance stances. ‏

Among the laid to rest today, there are also: ‏

- Adjutant Samer Jallad, Jabla Region, al-Shrashir Village, married with two children ‏

- Adjutant Suheil Hassan, Banias region, Al-Marana Village, married with 5 children ‏

- Conscript Abdulhai Ismael, Aleppo, single ‏

- Conscript Mohamad Farah, Damascus, single ‏

- Conscript Anwar Ahmad Al-Dhahir, Hama, single ‏

- Conscript Ali Ahmad Ali, Banias, married with one child ‏

- Conscript Ahmad Ali Al-Ali, Deir Azzur, single and the citizen - Nidal Jinoud. ‏

Scores of the injured in the cowardice ambush reported that gunfire shoots directly rained them savagely as to kill as many as possible of them, wondering about the reasons behind targeting the Syrian Army Units, which have ever been considered the source of pride, dignity for every Syrian. ‏

The injured Major, Mazin Fittimi reported that he was sitting in the front part of the convey when armed men ambushed and rained them with bullets and grenades from nearby buildings and water sewage canals at `Al-Qwz Bridage`. ‏

Conscript Haitham Arafat reported that veiled armed thugs sprayed randomly and intensively the Army Convey with bullets. Among the injured, there are also: ‏

- Colonel Youssef Ismael - Major Thair Mounir Younnis ‏

- Captain Mohamad Sulaitin ‏

- Conscript Mahmoud Zoud ‏

- Conscript Hassan Nimaan ‏

- Conscript Walid Ibrahim ‏

- Conscript Aziz Abdulah Al-Assa ‏

- Conscript Adel Hassan ‏

- Conscript Faisal Al-Sadiq ‏

- Conscript Ahmad Arfan ‏

- Conscript Mohamad Samaan ‏

- Conscript Ghadir Hamash ‏

- Conscript Hussein Ahmad ‏

- Conscript Nizar Sifaji ‏

- Conscript Mohamad Khalid Abido ‏

- Conscript Wasim Dawoud ‏

- Conscript Mohamad Al-Sheihk ali ‏

- Conscript Omar Al-Qadri ‏

- Conscript Youssef Al-Dalati ‏

- Conscript Ali Ridwan Sheikh Hassan ‏

- Conscript Omran Tareeq ‏

- Conscript Mohamad Qarqour ‏

- Conscript Hadi Sileet ‏

- Conscript Houssam Khizami. ‏

Further, here are the names of the Martyred and injured policemen at the hands of armed groups during the past days in Daraa, Damascus countryside, Damascus, Homs, and Lattakia: ‏

- Martyr Staff Sergeant Wail Ali Salama ‏

- Martyr Policeman Hassan Moa`ala ‏

- Martyr Policeman Hamid Al-Khatib ‏

- Martyr Policeman Mahmoud Mohamad Armali ‏

- Martyr Policeman Youssef Ismael Al-Abdullah ‏

- Martyr Policeman Mahmoud Mahmoud Al-Khalaf ‏

The injured are: ‏

- Brigadier General Hassan fares Hamoud ‏

- Brigadier General Hisham mihi Al-Din Barazi ‏

- Brigadier General youssef Mohamad Youssef ‏

- Brigadier General Mansour Hussein Mihio ‏

- Colonel Qussai Habib Aboud ‏

- Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Suleiman Al-Farhan ‏

- Lieutenant Colonel Mohamad Hashim Al-Bouni ‏

- Major Riadh Al-Daas ‏

- Major Khalid Ahmad Mohamad ‏

- Major Sam Ilyan Ghanim ‏

- Major Samir Ibrahim Jouma ‏

- Major Mahmoud Hamada Hamada ‏

- Major Emil Noisar Al-Nassar ‏

- Captain Tamam Marouf Khalaf ‏

- Captain ramadhan Mohamad Al-Hamido ‏

- Lieutenant Bilal Ahmad Issa ‏

- Conscript Policeman Safi wadi Al-Akhras ‏

- Conscript Policeman Ismael dahir Khadour ‏

- Conscript Policeman Manar Abdulhamid Baroudi ‏

- Conscript Policeman Ahmad qassem Al-Rifai ‏