Official Source…Armed Gang Attacks Medical Team in Daraa Killing Doctor, Paramedic, Driver, Security Member

Tishreen Newspaper ‏

English Website, Syria Millennium ‏

An official source stated the following: ‏

An armed gang attacked on Wednesday March the 23rd 2011 a medical team in an ambulance while passing near al-Omari Mosque in Daraa. ‏

Victims in armed gang attack in Daraa ‏

A doctor, a paramedic and a driver were martyred in the attack, while the security forces in the vicinity of the site confronted the attackers and hit and arrested some of them. ‏

A member of the security forces was also martyred in the attack. ‏

Security forces disclosed weapon stockpiles of the gang ‏

The source added that the security forces will continue pursuing the armed gangs which terrify civilians, and execute killings, in addition to looting and burning public and private facilities in Daraa. ‏

The official source disclosed that the armed gangs in Daraa have stored weapons and ammunitions inside al-Omari Mosque, and used children whom they had kidnapped from their families as human shields. ‏

Armed gangs use houses as launch pads to snipe at citizens ‏

The source pointed out that the armed gang, further, terrified the inhabitants of the houses adjacent to the Mosque occupying them as a launch pad to fire against passers-by and arrivals for the prayer. ‏

The security forces encountered, pursued, and brought members of the gang as to face justice. ‏

Citizens are receiving millions of SMS messages from outside inciting for riots ‏

The Syrian TV broadcast pictures showing the weapons, ammunitions and big amounts of money stockpiled by the armed gang inside al-Omari Mosque. ‏

The pictures showed various types of weapons and ammunitions including hand grenades, machineguns and Kalashnikov rifles. ‏

Two months ago, the General Supervisor of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Riyad al-Shaqfa, announced the group`s return to military action in the country. ‏

Foreign circles continue to fabricate lies about the situation in Daraa claiming that they have obtained letters and images from inside the city, and that massacres took place in it in order to provoke and terrify the citizens. ‏

The source added that more than one million SMS were sent from outside Syria, most of which are from Israel inciting Syrians to use the mosques as launch pads for riots. ‏

Meanwhile the security forces in Daraa continued to find caches of weapons smuggled across the borders, in addition to sophisticated communication devices, while the citizens cooperate with the security forces to chase, arrest and bring the members of the gang as to face justice. ‏

The source said that the citizens of Daraa guided the security forces to the hideouts of the armed gang members who broke into their houses to snipe at passers-by and terrify civilians. ‏

The security forces, added the source, are chasing the criminals with the help of the citizens to disarm and bring them to justice. ‏

SMS messages with death threats against reporting the gang crimes ‏

The photographers and journalists in Daraa reported that they have been receiving death threats through SMS messages from abroad warning them against reporting the crimes committed by the criminals of the armed gangs against civilians. ‏

The official source said that the journalists have asked for the protection of the security forces against those threats. ‏

Some satellite channels known for their anti-Syria stances have broadcast lies and fabricated news inciting for riot in Daraa under the name of eye witnesses or human rights organizations to cover up their lies. They have also broadcast photos of old events at the time when life is going back to normal in the city streets. ‏